Technology in cancer research

Technology plays a key role in the research we do, the strength lies in image processing and analysis of large data sets utilizing deep learning, cluster computing, building clinical information systems and utilizing internet technology systems to build and distribute clinical data.

Imaging technology

We continue to develop hardware and software for high throughput collection, analysis and visualization of image data. Basically all projects at the Institute are based on tools and applications developed in-house. We work with both traditional image processing and with new deep learning models.

Technology projects

The level of originality we aspire to in our research implies that for most of the projects, the basic technology or methodology required to test out our hypothesis must be invented and developed as well. This includes hardware, such as image analysis systems, computer networks and scanners, and software to control these systems as well as for solving many image analysis challenges. It also involves wet lab methods for optimal preparation of tumour tissues and special adaptions to allow sequential staining of tissue.


Technology projects

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